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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We've got answers.

Is WavTool trying to replace music producers with AI?

No. The purpose of WavTool is to amplify human creativity, and to make music production more accessible, fun, and fulfilling.

We have spoken to loads of beginner producers who feel discouraged by the steep learning curve of the available tools. AI can be used for bad things, but we believe that it is not inherently anti-artist. When used properly, it can make for an excellent on-ramp to the world of music production, and help more people discover and meet their creative potential.

If you have ideas, concerns, or feedback on the way we're doing this, we want to hear from you. Please contact us at hello@wavtool.com

Is WavTool a finished product?

No. WavTool is and will remain in active development. It has a long way to go, and we are making it better every day.

Who made this?

Our names are Sam and Keith! We're based in Vancouver and Singapore. We grew up playing and making music, and started making software for small companies after college.

What is WavTool and how does it work?

WavTool is a web-based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that runs in the browser. To use it, go to our website and sign up via Google or Facebook login, and that's it! You're ready to start using WavTool.

Is WavTool suitable for beginners?

While we also intend for WavTool to serve the needs of professional users, a big part of WavTool's vision is to be accessible to beginners. We are constantly finding new ways to develop the user experience to make it easy for beginners to pick up and play. One example is Conductor, which is an AI that can help anyone get started with generating music and tweaking sounds without even touching the conventional interface!

Can I use WavTool on any device?

WavTool can technically be run on any device that can run a browser, but it was designed and implemented to be used on the desktop. We may explore plans to build a mobile-focused experience one day.

What types of audio files can be imported into WavTool?

Nearly all audio file formats (mp3, wav, flac and more) can be imported into WavTool. Just drag and drop them onto the timeline and they'll be ready to be worked with.

Does WavTool include virtual instruments or sample libraries?

WavTool includes a suite of virtual synthesizers, drum machines and samplers to get you started on your music making adventure! We are currently looking into implementing stock sample libraries, but at the moment WavTool is limited to manually imported samples.

Can I export my projects from WavTool to other DAW software?

WavTool only supports bounced exports in mp3 and wav format.

What kind of AI-assisted features are available in WavTool?

One of the most exciting features that WavTool has is its AI assistant, Conductor. Using a simple chatbot interface, Conductor can reply to plaintext commands like 'Give me a beat', 'Make my vocals sound professional', or 'Give me the chords to Wrecking Ball', and it will respond with suggestions and context to explain its rationale. Any of its suggestions will come with the option to implement changes directly into the DAW with the click of a button! Think of it as an audio engineer or music producer that you can learn from or collaborate with.

How can WavTool help me improve my music production skills?

Conductor, WavTool's AI assistant, is an amazing learning tool for learning how to use a DAW to produce music and other audio projects. We've designed Conductor to provide detailed suggestions, explain its rationale for decisions, and execute the changes suggested step-by-step to ensure that the user always understands what's happing at the UI level.

Is there a free trial available for WavTool?

WavTool has a free Basic tier that allows anybody to make multitrack audio projects and export them to share. Our Pro tier gives access to the full functionality WavTool can provide.

Basic tier users are able to use Conductor to generate music, but are limited to 5 messages per 8 hours. This limit is due to the high costs of running AI models, and we're working hard to lower the costs and increase this limit soon.

For more information, check our pricing page!

Does WavTool own any of the music that I make with it?

No! We don't claim any rights to the content you create with WavTool.

What kind of customer support is available for WavTool users?

WavTool is currently being developed tirelessly by a small team of music technologist enthusiasts, so customer support might be limited! However, we appreciate any feedback that you might have to help build the best product that can help achieve your music-making dreams, so please don't hesitate to email hello@wavtool.com, or use the feedback form in WavTool itself!

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