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Is WavTool trying to replace music producers with AI?

No. Fully-AI-generated music may have some use in the world, but we don't think it's very interesting.

We're here because we love the creative process of music production, and we want to enhance and elevate that process to the fullest extent possible. We take great care to ensure that AI features are delivered in a safe and responsible way, always with a focus on inspiring and accelerating human art, with maximum control in the hands of the human creator.

We fundamentally believe that the future of music is human, and our mission is to help more creative humans make great original music. If you have ideas, concerns, or feedback on the way we're doing this, we want to hear from you. Please contact us at hello@wavtool.com

Who made this?
WavTool is built by a small team of five passionate music/software nerds, located in Japan, Singapore, and Canada.
What is WavTool?
WavTool is a web-based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that runs in the browser.
Can I use WavTool on any device?
We strongly recommend using WavTool on a computer with a mouse and keyboard.
What types of audio files can be imported into WavTool?
Nearly all audio file formats (mp3, wav, flac and more) can be imported into WavTool. Just drag and drop them onto the timeline and they'll be ready to go.
Does WavTool include virtual instruments or sample libraries?

Yes. To learn more, check out this video, which goes into detail on WavTool's Library panel.

Can I export my projects from WavTool to other DAW software?

You can export MP3, Wav, and MIDI files from WavTool. An open-source project that allows full-project conversion from WavTool to other formats can be found here.

Is there a free trial available for WavTool?

Yes. In addition to our completely free "Basic" tier, we offer a two-week free trial of our Pro tier, which grants access to the full functionality WavTool can provide.

For more information, check our pricing page.

Does WavTool own any of the music that I make with it?

No! We don't claim any ownership rights to the content you create with WavTool.

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