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[PRESS RELEASE] Browser-based AI-accelerated DAW WavTool announces support for third-party VST plug-ins

Browser-based AI-accelerated DAW WavTool announces support for third-party VST plug-ins

Emilea Teo / Feb 19


FEBRUARY 19, 2024 – WavTool, the innovative online digital audio workstation (DAW), takes a giant leap forward with its latest feature release – full compatibility with Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins.

WavTool's VST support is available for all users on Mac OS 11+ (VST, VST 3, AU) and Windows 10+ (VST, VST 3). Rosetta 2 allows for seamless use of Intel-architecture plugins on M1. Users can run multiple synthesizer and audio effect plugins in a single project.

VST support opens up a world of possibilities for music producers, allowing them to integrate their favorite plugins seamlessly into the WavTool environment. This means that users can now harness the power of a vast array of third-party instruments and effects directly within the browser-based DAW. In combination with WavTool’s existing AI features, such as Composer (an intelligent MIDI suggestion system) and Prototypes (an AI voice/instrument model training system), WavTool has become an even more powerful tool for producers to quickly and intuitively create unique, professional-grade music and sound design.

"We are thrilled to bring VST Support to WavTool," said Sam Watkinson, CEO and Founder at WavTool. "This update further expands the capabilities of our software and provides our users with even more flexibility and creative control. We believe that this new feature will greatly enhance the user experience and empower our community of musicians and audio professionals."

To learn more about VST Support on WavTool, please visit wavtool.com/plugin-bridge or watch an introductory YouTube video on our channel.

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WavTool is a browser-based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that revolutionizes the music production process. WavTool offers core DAW features for free, enabling anyone and everyone to get started on audio production easily. With advanced AI capabilities and an intuitive interface, WavTool empowers musicians, producers, and audio professionals to create, manipulate, and produce high-quality audio projects.

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