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The WavTool Composer VST

Supercharge your DAW with AI composition. Exclusively available with your $20/mo WavTool Pro subscription.

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Using WavTool in the browser

Create melodies, chords and beats seamlessly

Composer empowers musicians of all skill levels to channel their creativity like never before. Say goodbye to writer's block and experience the joy of instant musical inspiration.

Using Conductor to generate based on existing MIDI

Intelligent harmony

Composer has the ability to analyze the key and tempo of your current project, allowing it to effortlessly generate melodies, chords, and beats that perfectly complement your composition. Say goodbye to tedious trial and error - Composer does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the music.

Arranging a song in the WavTool user interface

Tweak like a musician

The intuitive user interface enables you to explore a multitude of options by effortlessly regenerating melodies, chords, and beats. Discover new possibilities with by asking for variations in pitches, rhythms, and experimental elements.

Arranging a song in the WavTool user interface

Use your words to make your music

Want your composition to have a specific artist's touch, a distinctive genre essence, or a particular vibe? With Composer, you can use simple text prompts to tweak the style of the generated outputs.

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